Health Seminars in Corporations

Corporate heart health plan to support executives

Under high-stress environment, heavy workload, never-ending workdays, and business trips… Executives and staff are fully devoted to their companies. Great companies should take the greatest care of their personnel to support their commitment.

Healthy personnel makes healthy companies.

Executive's and staff’s health reflects on the companies’ image, dynamism, and strengths. Healthy bodies keep partners and executives a sharper mind and make better deals for their companies. Sramek is already partnering with renowned corporations and we are proposing an exclusive offer for companies to support staff members and management teams.

Health Seminars in corporations may shift the way they think and the way they live.

Our health seminars simplify convoluted health information so working professionals can fully understand how their body functions and promote optimal health, a healthy mindset, and productivity at work. Grounded in evidence-based research, health seminars can offer participants a fresh perspective on what it means to be healthy, and provide realistic and sustainable solutions for balancing between a healthy lifestyle and a busy schedule.

Case Studies

Health Seminar with Major Insurance Companies

People in Hong Kong constantly work under heavy pressure, subsequently neglecting the health of themselves and their families. To raise awareness on health and disease prevention concerns in our society, Cardiax Lab by Sramek provides health talks mainly for insurance companies to hopefully dispel their customers concern on the increase of cardiovascular diseases in Hong Kong. We provide a number of trending topics with professional speakers including certified doctors, registered nurses, physiotherapists and nutritionists to fit their own needs and interests.