About Founder

Sramek Group lost an innovative leader who put endless efforts in exploring new technologies in Cardiology, and enhanced people's lives.

In memory of Dr. Bo Sramek, (1934 - 2019)

Dr. Bo Sramek

Education in electrical engineering and computer science at Czechoslovak Academy of Science. Worked at computer companies in the US. He focused on biomedical engineering, specializing in the technology of Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance (TEB) for non-invasive measurement. He conceived a new patented formula and improved its accuracy. Alongside his wife, he incorporated a biotech company--BOMED MM in 1980 and made it public on NASDAQ in 1983. It attracted NASA’s attention and he was invited to be the Principal Investigator for developing a new hemodynamic device (NCCOM3) to monitor astronauts during space missions. In 2018, he founded a smart healthcare company Sramek BioDynamics Inc. with Mr. Toney Lam. The company took over all IP and intellectual properties from his inventions. In mid-2019, his wife Hevka Sramek was appointed as non-executive Chairman of the Sramek Group after the passing of Dr. Bo Sramek.