Technology Overview

In 1966, Professor Kubicek of the University of Minnesota proposed a linear formula for calculating the stroke volume based on Ohm’s Law, which is Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance (TEB). In 1983, Dr. Bo Sramek developed the world’s first unit TEBCO for NASA, the hemodynamic detection equipment using the thorax impedance method was used for aerospace physiological research. To make the chest impedance method applicable to the clinic, many experts and scholars have proposed improvements.

Most of the astronauts had experienced and passed through the conclusive diagnostics like ECG, Echocardiography, Coronary CT, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Radionuclide Scanning to make sure their health condition was perfect to sustain their vitality and health level in space. It provides Dr. Bo Sramek with an opportunity to invent and develop a highly precise, lowest bandwidth with advanced detection device on measuring blood flow and oxygen delivery based on hemodynamic methodology.

HOTMAN System with TEBCO is a device used for non-invasive Cardiac Function Measurement, also called the Non-Invasive Cardiac Hemodynamic Measurement. This technology is safe, accurate and repeatable, and is widely used in clinical departments, including ICU/ CCU, anesthesia, intra-cardiac and cardiovascular rehabilitation. Particularly in general screening. It can detect cardiac abnormalities early before the generators; qualitative lesion, “early detect and reversible” and prevent adverse cardiovascular events.

Early Warning of Heart Function Decline

For healthy people or people at high risk of cardiovascular diseases, non-invasive cardiac function test can detect early evidence of cardiac issue which can be remedied by non-drug treatment like proper exercises, diet and lifestyle adjustment.

Screening for large scale population

Non-invasive cardiac function test is safe, painless, simple, repeatable, and relatively low cost. It has application value in general surveys in population health or pre-screening services for public sports events and corporate health programs.